Hi there!!
It’s me and I would like to share with you a small story about my self.

I was born in Germany where I stayed for a few years.  Then I moved to Thessaloniki, Greece for another couple of years until my entrance on the Technological Educational Institute of Athens to study Enology and Beverage Technology. However, I eagerly felt my inquiring curiosity wanting to grow even further. Photography was not something I was passionate about until Ι garnered my first camera in 2008.

It was something similar to “love at first sight”.Ι decided thereafter to study photography in Leica Academy Creative Photography in Athens and combine it with enology studies.   At this point is where enology took a very interesting side and had the inspiration to complete my thesis on micro and macro photography specialized in vineyards. Upon completion of my studies I moved to Santorini island to finish my internship in Gaia winery. That was another “big love”. From then, I have been living here indulging in this magnificent miracle of nature and working as a photographer.


In putting my interests in photography into words, I discovered how difficult it is to isolate specific areas that interest me the most. I am thinking of the widespread ways and themes photography fascinates me and can extract essence from reality. Photography is ubiquitous and multifaceted and this is the way I love working on it. I love playing around with light to create images and mood and be inspired by the smallest and simplest of people, objects and nature. This is where I would like to write that pictures can, with no specified language, speak a thousand words to a thousand different people.

Landscape 90points
Food and wine 80points
Architecture and interior 70points
Still life 80points