Urban Landscape and Street Photography

Trafalgar square – Covent Garden – Chinatown – Soho

Join K.Yellow for an amazing expedition in the fascinating city of London. Explore all-time classic areas through Urban Landscape and Street Photography!

By joining this half day(4hrs) photo expedition, you will go mostly through cityscape and street photography, capturing street art, red buses, and black cabs. The fascinating life in Soho and Chinatown end up with a riverscape scenery, and if we are lucky, with a stunning sunset! 

All Photo Expeditions in London are carefully planned in order to give you an extraordinary experience according to photography and art.

Urban photography is a common feature of London’s city landscape photography. The city offers an iconic image of art and best urban landscape photography due to perfect views such as photographing the Thames at night. The presence of famous landmarks in the city also contributes to the significance of the streets in photography.

  • There are stunning architectural landmarks, buildings, and structures. This ranges from modern architecture to classic masterpieces, Art Galleries, and Museums.
  • One enjoys red buses, black cabs, London Underground, Skyscrapers and much more!