Full Day Private Photo Expedition(6hrs)

Not just a photo tour! Starting 6 hours before Santorini´s spectacular sunset this photo expedition explores all the highlights as well as the hidden spots os Santorini! We will start from the north part of the island including Oia traditional settlement, one of the most picturesque places on Santorini island. Stunning landscapes, amazing architecture and extraordinary geological formations are some of the things you will experience!

Traditional Santorini houses built into the volcanic rock, mansions of high aesthetic value, blue domed churches, unique geological formations, breathtaking views of the caldera and stunning sunsets! Black and red beaches, vineyards with vines pruned to form a low “vegetable basket” where grapes are protected and mature, hidden hiking paths ideal for landscape photography and not only!


*All expeditions are available for one person as well. For more information please contact: konstantina@kyellow.photo