What better way to record your visit to London than with a guided photography tour? Take the back streets, visit the must-see attractions, and discover the wonderful urban street photography opportunities around every corner.

Combine your creative side with your London visit to truly maximise the happiness and soulful enjoyment of your city experience.

Our guided expeditions help you make the most of your love of photography. Your guide, a professional photographer, will show you around the unique elements of the city, and help you to learn how to highlight the striking architecture, street art, and city life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional seeking the best secret urban shots to be found in the London cityscape, or a new photography enthusiast keen to practice your craft.

Whether you want a full day of exciting photography and art exhibitions, urban photo opportunities, and exploration of London – or a shorter, intense, area-specific tour – you’ll find something you like with K Yellow Photography.

Our London tours:

  • Offer unique insight from a professional photographer
  • Introduce you to unique urban locations
  • Show you how to use your camera skills in a city environment
  • Help you to discover unusual city spots to make the most of your visit
  • Provide an intimate tutorial setting in private or small group sessions

Take a look around at your London photography tour options to find the one that appeals to you!