K.Yellow Photo Workshops on Volcanic Landscapes

This photo workshop is about a project for all those who love photography, professionals or not or even for those who wish to have creative vacations on volcanic landscapes.

The idea for the K.Yellow Photo Workshop on Volcanic Landscapes started from a research proposal on how to share the beauty of volcanic landscapes with other people not only for the sake of making beautiful photographs but with the aim to share, to connect, and to communicate. Photography has always been a type of communication and a way of sharing ideas and experiences. The main idea is to engage theoretical and practical knowledge and to help people explore the art of photography in volcanic landscapes. The program is carefully planned and designed only in volcanic areas in order to take advantage of the best light conditions and have the true essence of the place.

This project is all about connection! The question is how to to elevate these photo expeditions in Santorini, to the next level and create a network on other volcanic islands around the world, so the main “connection” of these workshops would be the volcanic environment. The appearance of volcanoes around the world has to do with some major processes of change on the planet. So, instead of simply taking a picture of stunning scenery, we will also highlight the environmental aspect. The goal is not only introduce something new from the aesthetic artistic point of view, but also with the use for the people and explore the volcanic environment from a photography point of view.


An extraordinary, fun  and affordable photo expedition on Santorini island!

Spend 4 nights and 5 days with K.Yellow and Explore the best of what Santorini’s volcanic environment has to offer to photographers (professionals or not) and learn new things around photography!

This workshops is based on photography but not only! I will share all my knowledge with you about photography and Santorini  and try to give you all the answers af any of your questions!

Dates / 1/ 10/2018 – 5/10/2018 ( 4 nights, 5 days)

Group size: Maximum 6 participants

This small group size allows us to have enough 1on1 time with each person In keeping the accommodation simple with small cozy hotels.